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Micayla Brewster

Enthusiast of digital marketing, pop culture and NBC's The Office. 

Digital Marketer & Social Media Manager

Micayla is a creative, detail-oriented, driven person who loves to share stories and cultivate relationships. Those skills helped her as she developed a passion for digital marketing and social media management. 

As a daughter of successful entrepreneurs, she learned at a young age how important hard work is in achieving success. She had the privilege of watching her parents start a worldwide transportation company from humble beginnings in their garage. She knows that it takes grit and passion to make something successful out of nothing. 

During her undergraduate career at Azusa Pacific University, she took every opportunity to develop her skills in social media management. Between several marketing internships, freelance opportunities and volunteer positions, Micayla has developed a love for working in the world of entertainment through social media and digital marketing. There is absolutely nothing more captivating to her than an innovative campaign with a detailed strategy.




Career Highlights

Brainstormed marketing campaigns, designed graphics, ran the Snapchat account, wrote copy and created original gif sets for Hamilton: An American Musical

Won 2nd place in theSkimm's 'School of Skimm' competition and succeeded in producing nearly 800 newsletter sign-ups and application downloads during her time as a Skimm'bassador.

Planned and launched a new social media strategy for New Beginnings Community Church and trained and prepared for replacements to take over her newly created position.

Successfully introduced and facilitated the mutually beneficial partnership between two companies.

Increased Mosaic Global Transportation's ranking on Google from page 7 to page 1.





Micayla came into a largely ‘blank slate’ situation and helped us innovate. She is a real leader in the communications and social media space. She is able to think outside of the box, generate creative ideas, and implement them.
— Kristin Mandia, Director of Communications, NBCC Bay Area
Micayla proved herself to be a top scholar ... [with] an affinity toward social media and marketing.
— Allison Oster, Editorial Director/Adjunct Professor, Azusa Pacific University

Pop Culture Connoisseur

More often than not, you'll find her scanning various social media sites to keep up to date with the latest celebrity news, simultaneously searching for the next concert, TV taping or comedy show she'll attend, while also catching up with the latest episodes of New Girl and Saturday Night Live. Don't ask her how many times she's seen the entire series of The Office unless you're prepared for the shocking answer.

The entertainment industry and it's exciting, ever-changing atmosphere has has absolutely captured her attention, and she can't help but be a part of it.


Micayla had the privilege of studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain during the Spring of 2015. That experience completely changed her perspective on the world. Since then she has taken every opportunity she can to travel back and visit the people who helped in changing her.


Before that experience, she had already become deeply involved in missions to Mexico, as well as other locations as distant as the Philippines or as close to home as San Francisco, CA. These experiences have directed the course of her life and have given her a desire to serve those who are so often cast from of our society and are deeply struggling.


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