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Yes, I am a proud supporter of #TeamSproutSocial! I am aware that it’s not free like Hootsuite, but I love the look and feel of the user interface as well as the incredible customer service. One time I emailed them and said their Twitter analytics weren’t as great as they could be and they pushed out a program update within a month.

[@SproutSocial, I’m still waiting for my check in the mail for that suggestion.]


I can't even tell you how many times I've jolted up from my bed at 2am with my next great idea. Evernote keeps all of those hurried thoughts in one place for me to go back and develop into full-fledged campaigns.

Organize your notes into different notebooks based on different segments of your life (eg. work, personal, freelance, travel, etc.).  Plus, it syncs over all of your devices and gives you the option to collaborate on notes or notebooks with other users.  

skimm ahead.jpg

I actually use this app in an unconventional way. I find it to be a great way to fill up your editorial calendar with national and international events. theSkimm provides you with a reminder about a wide variety of events ranging from sports to politics to cultural fads like National Taco Day. It's a great way to look ahead and see what topical content your brand could be pushing out.

Click here to download the app and try it yourself! (Scroll down to access a download link.)


I'm all about desktop mail apps. I can't even bring myself to think about a time in my life when I had to check to see if I had any new emails.

Polymail goes above and beyond creating a single inbox for all of your emails, though. With features like 'Read Later', they make it easy to use your inbox as a to do list and to finally achieve the almighty Inbox Zero. They have a sleek design and offer a great free product.

However, if you're willing to shell out the extra cash each month, you can utilize even more features like 'Send Later' and email tracking. You can use my code, VT7MG9, to get one free month.


As you can tell from the sheer fact that I created this list, I really love tech products. [You can probably blame my Silicon Valley upbringing for that.]

Product Hunt provides the best way to discover every addition to the tech world. They send out a daily [or weekly] email with a list of the best new releases or important updates to the programs we already know and love. 

Or if you're in search of the perfect app to solve a specific problem of yours, you can use their new recommendation section, Ask Product Hunt, to crowdsource an answer. 

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