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Digital nomad on a walk from Bray to Greystones near Dublin, Ireland
Walk from Bray to Greystones near Dublin, Ireland
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Dublin &Adare

Digital nomads in Dublin, Ireland
Digital nomad in Dublin, Ireland
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Length of stay: 


February 21 - April 2, 2023

"Fair play to ya," "grand," "yous," "gaff," "em" instead of "uhm," "you ok?" as a greeting, "craic," obviously.

Favorite Slang:

Bray to Greystones Walk

Best View:

Bray to Greystones walk near Dublin, Ireland

"Tom's Diner" by AnnenMayKantereit
"Someone New" by Hozier
"Little Bit of Love" by Tom Grennan
"Wellerman - Sea Shanty" 220 KID - Billen Ted Remix
All of Dermot Kennedy's discography

Favorite Songs:

I'm Grand Mam (Podcast)
The Young Offenders (TV)
Derry Girls (TV)
Once (Movie)
Normal People (TV)


Favorite Content:

Pint of Guinness at Palace Bar in Dublin, Ireland
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From the pub under us.

Best Guinness:

Length of stay: 

Length of stay: 

Adventure Buddy:

July 17 - August 15, 2021

March 4 - 31, 2022

My favorite sunglasses in a taxi, half of my muffin to a seagull, "Grown Ups" by Marian Keyes, some earrings, and a piece of my finger


Digital nomad reading in Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland
Digital nomad in Dublin, Ireland
Digital nomads reading in the park in Dublin, Ireland
Silverworks ring making class in Dublin, Ireland
Digital nomad at a sporting event (Gaelic football) in Dublin, Ireland

Mayo team flag, "One Direction: Reaching for the Stars" the 2013 unofficial biography DVD, a handmade (by me!) ring, and a stick-and-poke tattoo

& Found:


Lough Gur
County Limerick

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Pin_70_Nomad Icons.png

The Dingle Peninsula
County Kerry


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