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Meet Micayla!

Enthusiast of fandom marketing, The Office, and enabling people's wildest dreams.

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Micayla is a creative, detail-oriented, driven person who loves to share stories and cultivate relationships. Those skills helped her as she developed a passion for digital marketing and social media management. She is a freelance Social Media Manager who oversees the digital presence of brands within the world of Arts & Culture. Past and current clients range from museums to musicals, books to bands, and films to forums on advocacy, to name a few.

Formerly, she was an Account Manager at Marathon Digital, a social media agency that represents Broadway shows and live entertainment clients in NYC and around the world. While there, she led innovative social media campaigns for shows such as HAMILTON, Hadestown, Be More Chill, and Freestyle Love Supreme, among others.

Previously, she has worked at media and entertainment companies such as theSkimm and Paramount Pictures. She comes from the world of entertainment and loves to use her passion for social media and fandom marketing to translate those tactics to create creative digital marketing campaigns for any industry.

As a daughter of successful entrepreneurs and a product of California’s Bay Area, she learned at a young age how important hard work is in achieving success. She had the privilege of watching her parents start a worldwide transportation company from humble beginnings in their garage and grew up in a place that values innovation and groundbreaking ideas. She knows that it takes grit and passion to make something successful out of nothing. 

She is a proud Californian, a frequenter of Chipotle, a fangirl at heart, a repeat viewer of The Office and Nathan For You, an unofficial and vastly under-qualified sommelier, that person who makes a Google Doc for anything and everything, a baked brie fanatic, always down to play the entire game of Monopoly, and an almost comically stereotypical virgo who still loves a good adventure.

Career Highlights

Coordinated and executed the launch of the official HAMILTON App, following months of working with Very Good Ventures on developing it.

Planned and organized the capture plan for two major content shoots and two Broadway opening nights that all occurred within the span of a week.

Brainstormed marketing campaigns, designed graphics, ran the Snapchat account, wrote copy and created original gif sets for HAMILTON during the summer of the 2016 Tony Awards

Won 2nd place in theSkimm's 'School of Skimm' competition and succeeded in producing nearly 800 newsletter sign-ups and application downloads during her time as a Skimm'bassador.

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