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I've been a digital nomad, picking a new place to live every month or few months, since March 2021. I started domestically - heading to New Orleans to do a Workaway project, or renting a cabin in Montana for me and my friends to stay in - and then made the jump to international later that year. As a person who desires to stay creative and inspired in her professional life, I knew that having a lifestyle that complimented that craving for inspiration would only benefit my creativity. I've always been someone who's wanted to live everywhere all at once, and now I get to!

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Where I've Been

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • Whitefish, Montana

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Denver, Colorado

  • New York City, New York

  • Los Angeles, California

  • San Luis Obispo, California

  • The Bay Area, California

& Counting!

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