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June 13, 2022
Made First Full-Time Hire

On behalf of the Broadway Podcast Network, I conducted interviews for a full-time social media manager who would work alongside me. From writing the job description to onboarding them onto the team, I got to learn the ins and outs of the hiring process from the other side of the table.

Timeline Icons_Hiring.png

February 24, 2021
First Instagram Story Takeover

In celebration of Black History Month, HAMILTON'S account @Ham4Progress did a series of 28 takeovers where people connected to the production shone a spotlight on a Black-owned business they love. I, as a representative of the HAMILTON marketing team, did a takeover to introduce people to my parents' company, Mosaic Global Transportation. Here's a recap of what we shared on the day of our takeover!


March 15, 2021
First Large-Scale Website Design

I was hired by ATPAM to translate their current website into a more modernized design that integrated the new branding that I collaborated on with Graphic Designer, Tiffany Holt.


October 23, 2020
First Major Speaking Engagement

I was contacted by Capacity Interactive to join their lineup of speakers for their 2020 Boot Camp. During a session entitled, "Social Media Marketing During the New Abnormal," I got to share about my experience as the Communications Director of Broadway Advocacy Coalition during their #BwayForBLM events. You can watch the replay here.

capacity interactive.png

September 18, 2020
First Kickstarter Campaign Promotion

I was hired by the author of the inclusive children's book series, The Capables, to run a social media campaign to promote their Kickstarter campaign that launched their first book in a series of stories about super-capable kid superheroes who have a disability or difference. The campaign was fully funded in just 3 days!

Capables Kickstarter.png

June 10, 2020

I was the Social Media Manager for Broadway Advocacy Coalition during their Broadway For Black Lives Matter...Again forum events. I got to promote these important events while finding ways to expand and evolve their visual identity and general branding on social media.


March, 2020
Launched #HamAtHome Campaign

In an effort to unite the Broadway community during tough times due to the Coronavirus, myself and the team at Marathon Digital worked to create a series of digital activities for fans.


This included the coordination of a digital fan choir that was edited together into one cohesive video that aired on Good Morning America. 

Additionally, we developed fun at-home activities like HAMILTON trivia on Kahoot!, cast album live tweet nights, and leaned into trends like releasing branded Zoom backgrounds. 
Read more about it in my portfolio.


December 13, 2019
Hamilton's First TikTok to Hit 1 Million Views

We always strive to be among the first to join impactful social media trends, so as we saw TikTok picking up steam, we reserved accounts for our clients. Our first video to exceed 1 million views on TikTok was a video on HAMILTON's account!


October 4, 2019
Coordinated My First Content Shoot

I coordinated my first and second social media content shoots with the casts of HAMILTON and Hadestown on Broadway. We partnered with content creators like Lea Motion and Erick Hercules to come to the theatre during a 4-hour window and capture content that would be released for the next two quarters. 

I coordinated with stage management, company management, the wardrobe departments, and talent to create a schedule that included 4 stations that actors rotated through. Each station had a detailed schedule of exactly how long each person would be there and what would be captured. That list was then turned into a content calendar that outlined the roll-out of each video or photo based on key dates and the campaign strategy.
 Read more about it in my portfolio.


June 9, 2019
Ran First Tony Award-Winning Social Media Campaign

On June 9th, 2019 Hadestown won the Tony Award for Best Musical, as well as 7 other awards, making them the most awarded show of the 73rd Annual Tony Awards. Leading up to that date, I coordinated and executed a social media marketing plan that campaigned for those awards. Pieces of that marketing campaign included cast and creative team interviews about the artistry of the piece, performance clips and amplifying critic sentiment.


February 19, 2019
Second Promotion

My title changed from Associate Account Manager to Account Manager to reflect my heightened responsibilities on Broadway clients such as Hamilton, the Hamilton App, Hadestown, and Be More Chill, as well as my management of an Account Coordinator.


June 2018 - January, 2019
#HamiltonPR Social Media Coverage

Beginning in June 2018 (during the audition stages) and all the way through till opening night in January 2019, I took a total of 3 trips to Puerto Rico to cover the excitement of the show coming to the island and the impact that it was making in their community

All of our planning and preparation over the earlier months cumulated in our final trip to San Juan where we captured opening night festivities and filmed b-roll for the production.


November 29, 2018
First Time as a Guest on a Panel

I was honored to join the CTI Marketing Seminar panel as a guest. I got to nerd-out about Fan-Driven Marketing alongside these incredible people! Check out some of my other speaking opportunities in my portfolio.


September 5, 2018
Be More Chill's Broadway Announcement

After a sold out run off-Broadway, Be More Chill’s Broadway transfer was announced on September 5, 2018. Myself and other members of the Marathon Digital team worked together to coordinate an exciting announcement strategy that included a complete social media blackout and a series of Instagram Lives on influencer accounts. 

The fans and their excitement for this show on social media is what got this show to where it is today, so sharing that exciting news about a Broadway transfer in a fun and social media-rooted way was integral to our announcement strategy and exciting to watch unfold after hours and hours of planning.
 Read more about it in my portfolio.


August 17, 2018
First Podcast Guest Appearance

Felicia Fitzpatrick, Playbill’s social media manager, invited me to be a guest on “Call and Response," her podcast that explores the intersection of blackness and performing arts. Listen to the episode here!


July 26, 2018
First Broadway Opening Night For A Client Of Mine

My first Broadway client, Head Over Heels, celebrated it’s opening night on Broadway on July 26, 2018. That evening, I was in charge of posting all of our social content and ensuring that all elements of the evening’s festivities were captured by our team for a recap video.


May 7, 2018
First Promotion

My title changed from Account Coordinator to Associate Account Manager to reflect my new responsibilities as the point-person for clients such as Be More Chill, Head Over Heels, and Hadestown.


May 7, 2018
Hamilton Hits
1 Million Followers

Hamilton became the first Broadway musical to pass a million Instagram followers!


August 21, 2017
Moved to NYC & First Day at Work

Following my graduation from Azusa Pacific University, I moved to New York City to begin working at Marathon Digital as an Account Coordinator.


August 11, 2017
The #HamApp Is Released

As an employee of Marathon Digital, I had the privilege of working on this project that combined both my love of technology and passion for innovation and creativity. I helped to write copy for the app, suggest future feature updates, and develop strategies to increase app downloads.


July 9, 2017 
First Time Being Acknowledged in
a Book

Following my freelance work to launch the book Whispers of Rest, written by Bonnie Gray, she thanked me for my social media book in the acknowledgments section of her book.


June 15, 2017
First Video Shoot as Lead Videographer

I filmed Miss Saigon's child actors who play "Tam" around Times Square and the Theatre District to record a video for the "Tam Tours" series for #TamTuesday.


May 6, 2017
Graduated from Azusa Pacific University

On May 6, I graduated as a Dean's Scholar from Azusa Pacific University with a bachelor's degree in Media Communications and a minor in Public Relations. 


May 1, 2017
Began First Book Launch Campaign

I worked for months with the author Bonnie Gray to create an intense and interactive Book Launch Campaign that was launched publicly on May 1, 2017. Read more about it in my portfolio.


April 11, 2017
Won Battle of
the Interviews

On Tuesday, April 11th, I was named the winner of Azusa Pacific University's Battle of the Interviews. Over 50 students applied to participate but only 7 were selected to compete. I was one of the 7 who went on stage, in front of a panel of judges and my peers, to mock interview for an Account Coordinator position at Netflix. As contestants, we were judged on our interview, resume and professional attire.


February 7, 2017
Internship at Paramount Pictures

 I worked in the In-Theatre Marketing department at Paramount Pictures for their Spring Internship program. I brainstormed & pitched marketing campaigns/stunts for upcoming movies; designed social cards, web banners, and invitations for fan giveaways; wrote copy in movie-branded voices; tracked social coverage of upcoming movies; and monitored marketing trends within the movie industry.


January 17, 2017
First Marketing Campaign Launched

Vertical Lines.png
Vertical Lines.png
Vertical Lines.png
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Vertical Lines.png

This social campaign was to inform and excite students about the launch of the newly remodeled Cougar's Den Cafe. You can read more about the project in my portfolio.


May 31, 2016
First Time Running Hamilton's Snapchat

I updated Hamilton's Snapchat Story during their visit to Facebook's New York City offices. The Snapchat Story had over 50,000 views over the 24 hour period.


June 1, 2016
First Ham4Ham

I attended and ran the Hamilton Snapchat for all the Ham4Ham performances during the summer of 2016.


June 12, 2016
1st Award Show Coverage, Tony Awards

 I was in charge of social listening for multiple clients that night, posting on Facebook for Hamilton, and double checking for errors in the captions of the Twitter or Instagram posts.


August 8, 2016
Facilitated My First Partnership Between Companies

I connected employees at theSkimm and employees at Marathon Digital to facilitate the mutually beneficial partnership between theSkimm and Leslie Odom Jr, original cast member of Hamilton and client of Marathon Digital.


October 21, 2015
Won the School of Skimm Competition


May 26, 2016
Internship at Marathon Digital

I spent the summer in NYC working on the social media accounts of Broadway shows like Hamilton, The Great Comet, Miss Saigon and more. My world turned upside down. Read more about it here.


May 23, 2016
Internship at theSkimm

After months of working tirelessly to get this internship, I stepped foot into theSkimm HQ for the first day of my internship. It was the Skimm'ternship of a lifetime. Read more about it here.

December 7, 2016
First Intense Photo Manipulation Project on Photoshop

 I designed and edited a series of five photos for the University Bookstore's Instagram Finals Week Series. See the final products in my portfolio. 


April 1, 2022
Starting Working
with the Broadway
Podcast Network

I joined the BPN team as a Social Media Strategy Consultant to revamp their social media strategy and help elevate the brand. Read more about our leadership changes and expansions.

New BPN Mic.png
Timeline Icons_Ham4Progress.png

March 11, 2021
Became a Digital Nomad

Whitefish, Montana was the first location where I officially lived as a full-time Digital Nomad. I went on to live in Ireland, Mexico, England, Spain, and more! Explore this part of my site for more info on this part of my life

March 15, 2021
Began Freelancing

bampfa 2.png

My first day working on the social media for Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) marks the start of my journey as a full-time freelancer.

After an intense month and a half of working hard to enlist 700+ new subscribers to theSkimm's email newsletter, I won second place in the School of Skimm Competition. I succeeded in winning all of the available prizes: A letter of recommendation from the founders, an event on campus hosted by employees of theSkimm, and several gifts. This was a major stepping stone in earning an internship at theSkimm over the summer.


May 26, 2015
First Social
Media Internship

 interned for New Beginnings Community Church to completely re-vamp their social media strategy. During this summer I got to live tweet my first event on behalf of an organization.

Vertical Lines.png
Vertical Lines.png

September 7, 2023
Launched "The Social Team" Agency

One year after a dinner that I would later realize was a pivotal moment in my career and after 6 months of strategizing, dreaming, building, and refining our mission and approach to social media management, I launched the social media agency The Social Team with my business partner Chase Haylon! 

Our goal was and is to create an agency that functions smoothly internally thanks to procedures and processes created with today's social media landscape in mind. The easier it is for everyone to do what they do best, the more space and time exists for creativity, therefore allowing us to provide the highest level of service to clients who want social media to feel like a worthy investment of time, energy, and resources.


And luckily for us, our announcement was met with excitement and support from the theatre industry, including an exclusive with Broadway News and a feature by Theatrely during our launch, giving you a chance to read all about how and why we started TST.


September 1, 2023
Moved to Sevilla, Spain

While anyone who saw my NomadList travel log for the entirety of 2023 might argue that I'd been living in Spain before this date, this is the day that I collected the keys to my first Spanish "piso" that I'd be living in for more than a few months. It marked the official beginning of a new chapter: one where I live abroad!

I moved to an apartment in el centro de Sevilla in September and am excited to have roots while still hanging onto some elements of the digital nomad lifestyle.

insta live.png

May 19, 2020
First Time As A Guest on Instagram Live

Felicia Fitzpatrick invited me to be a part of her Broadway Careers Instagram Live Panel on Social Media where I got to chat about my experiences working at Marathon DigitalWatch the replay!

Blue Lines_top.png

Looking Forward

Blue Lines_top.png


  • EGOT in professional coverage of award shows for a client.

  • Work on a Webby Award-winning digital marketing project.

  • Be in the marketing credits for a movie.

  • Sit on a non-profit board for a cause I’m passionate about.

  • Manage social media during the Super Bowl for a brand that purchased an ad.

  • Run point for social media coverage of a major live event.

  • Run my own social media agency.

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