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89 lessons learned from 89 days in New York City

1. Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry. Sometimes you're forced to change for an event in a random public restroom. Life goes on.

2. Talk to people. It can open up opportunities you wouldn't have had and maybe even change negative first impressions. Speaking of which, waiters generally don't like when you come and only order an appetizer.

3. Explore your neighborhood. It's cool.

4. Just because the first time was mediocre doesn't mean you don't go back.

5. The Bachelorette goes better with a delivery of pad thai. But don't complain if the dessert you ordered was sold out and they gave you chocolate cake and green tea ice cream instead. There are harder things in life.

6. When a delivery guy brings a package for the founder, take it over to her personally so he doesn’t interrupt her important phone call.

7. When you run into Lin-Manuel Miranda in an elevator, play it cool.

8. Speak up for the opportunities you want. It takes work to be lucky.

9. Take a compliment. Take criticisms just as well. Be proud of yourself when you do both.

10. Double, triple and quadruple check the dates of the Broadway tickets you're buying. You can't see two matinees on the same day.

11. It's okay to have a day without purpose once in a while. Maybe you'll even stumble across a group of enthusiastic elderly rollerbladers dancing in Central Park.

12. Ice cream tastes better when it's curly.

13. Facebook NY is cool, but spending time with the cast of Hamilton is cooler.

14. Balancing isn't impossible but it's hard. Learn when to say yes and when to say no.

15. Sometimes you just have to let go. Even if it was the perfect dress. A tantrum won't fix anything.

16. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS double check the lunch order.

17. It's never too late to get started.


19. Know the difference between UPS and USPS. Apologize when you don’t.

20. Pizza can fix all major shipping issues.

21. Don’t forget to sign out of the Hamilton Snapchat account.

22. Don’t listen to the haters. Watch The Book of Mormon musical as many times as you’d like.

23. Never doubt a mom’s ability to make everything better.

24. Set boundaries and make yourself very clear.

25. When managing social media accounts, it's more important to be right than first. #Ham4Tonys

26. If you were dancing last night in heels until 5am at the Hamilton after party, don’t expect your feet to recover anytime soon.

27. Checking your credit card statement is going to be tough, but the number will only get worse from here. Do it today. Just like a Band Aid.

28. ALWAYS snapchat vertically.

29. TV tapings are fun but not exactly glamorous. They also take 5 hours to film. Prepare accordingly.

30. Those desserts you see in those viral Facebook videos are just as cool in person.

31. There’s a difference between a funny musical and a musical that you will find funny. South Park is not your cup of tea so don’t spend $50 on a musical written by their creators. (Unless it’s Book of Mormon)

32. If you go to Smorgasburg three times in two weeks, some vendors might recognize you. Take the free cake they give you and consider that fact to be a benefit.

33. If things are difficult, push harder.

34. COOKIE DOUGH IS SO GOOD. And it’s slightly dangerous when your place of employment gets assorted samples sent to their HQ periodically.

35. Know how you work best and own it.

36. Confidence sells.

37. Double - no, TRIPLE check the date if you think Amy Schumer is performing at a comedy club. But Bobby Moynihan & friends is a solid backup plan.

38. Even if it’s hot outside, you can find a shady spot of Washington Square park to read under.

39. Be the kind of person who gets a huge group of strangers waiting in line to play a riveting game of Heads Up.

40. Keep your metro card in a pocket so you don’t have to pull out your wallet on the subway. It'll raise some eyebrows.

41. The most meaningful experiences are often on the other side of a difficult process. Don’t give up on a dream because you might not get it.

42. Why yes, Hamilton is even better than you thought it would be.

43. Connections can get you places, but so can hard work. Don't be bitter when people use their resources and use yours when you can.

44. Take every opportunity to prove what you can do.

45. If Hillary and Bill Clinton are at the Hamilton stage door, you should be there too.

46. Never stop meeting new people.

47. Rooftop fireworks are a must.

48. Always mention theSkimm to Trevor Noah because he will go on a 5 minute tangent about how much he loves it. You will be forever bonded by your mutual adoration.

49. "There’s nothing that can be said in a phone call that can’t be said in an email"

50. You are capable of so much more than you think.

51. Get coffee with people sooner rather than later.

52.’s always got your back.

53. There’s something about putting on lipstick and going out that changes your whole mood.

54. Sometimes it takes a while to find your place, but it’s a wonderful feeling when you do. Don’t be discouraged early in the game.

55. "Don't aspire to reach inbox zero. You will fail"

56. Google alerts are a marketer's best friend.

57. You're not having an existential crisis if you miss somewhere else while having a great time where you are.

58. Don't be crippled by the fear of things that haven't happened yet.

59. If you hate coffee but haven't really slept in 30 hours, Dunkin Donuts is the way to go. They have so many fancy flavors that you may even like it.............

60. There are dumb questions. Don't ask them. And have a little more patience with those who do.

61. There is a science to properly twirling streamers.

62. An office that hard to leave must be something special.

63. Turns out Hoboken is ADORABLE! Who knew?!

64. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone once in a while.

65. Zoom in on Instagram pictures before you take a screenshot of them.

66. 'Good enough' is not where you stop.

67. The healing brush on Photoshop can fix just about anything.

68. You can get just about anywhere you need to with confidence. No press pass needed.

69. The awe that comes from knowing your words have been read by thousands of people doesn’t go away.

70. There's a part of Central Park that is basically a rainforest?!??


72. Jordan and JoJo are just as beautiful in real life as they are on The Bachelor.

73. The world is a small pond. Keep the connections you have strong and in good standing.

74. Always respond to an email about a task you need to do with a confirmation that you’ve done it.

75. Social media is the DVD bonus features of marketing.

76. Toast tastes better with the Hamilton logo burned into the side of it. #Hamiltoast

77. Front row of a musical gives you a completely different perspective. Actors apparently spit A LOT.

78. Make sure you’re retweeting the correct tweet.

79. Bachelor in Paradise is so trashy but SO GOOD.

80. Sometimes things don’t work out but that doesn’t mean you’re to blame. Shake it off.

81. Grobanites are a passionate group of people..

82. You should’ve gone up to your roof earlier in the summer.

83. FOR THE FIFTH TIME, MICAYLA. CHECK THE WEATHER BEFORE YOU LEAVE. You will get weird looks if you wear sandals while it's raining.

84. Don’t even THINK about putting your trash out on a non-trash day.

85. If the subway shuts down mid-route, everyone has to walk to the front of the train and slide out the door of the only car that made it to the next subway stop.

86. If your “e” key stops working on your computer’s keyboard, you can just copy and paste it in every time.

87. Appreciate your swanky neighborhood. You’ll probably never make enough to be able to afford rent here on your own.

88. Being late to everything sometimes has consequences but sometimes ends with delicious mac & cheese.

89. The difference between people who will do epic things and those who won’t is the drive and willingness to put themselves out there.

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