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The Queen of Self-Promo

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

In my humble opinion, Tyler Oakley is hands down the best marketed individual on the Internet. I know that may seem like a loaded statement, but after developing an entire career around talking to a camera, getting a book deal and now being on a world tour where he and his best friend play games on stage in onesie pajamas, I think it's a reasonable one to make.

There are probably a thousand things that I could highlight about Tyler's marketing skills, but my favorite one is his usage of cross promotion.

Cross promotion, for those who don't know, is when you use one social platform to get people to go and interact with you on another. You can do that in an obvious way like, "Hey go follow me on Twitter" (which you should...), or you can use Tyler's techniques which, in my opinon, are much more effective.

You see, what Tyler does is offer a tease of information on one platform and then directs traffic to another for the full story. Let me give an example.

By tweeting a vague and intriguing tidbit about something he posted on Snapchat, he directed his Twitter followers to another platform. It can be tempting to post the photo directly into Twitter to make it easier for people to see the photo, but if your goal is to convert followers from one platform to another, cross promotion is the perfect way to do that.

And this technique can be used for any platform you or your brand may be on! It's the perfect way to leverage your strong following on one social site to increase your following on another. The key is to use cross promotion when you have content that is interesting enough for someone to go out of their way to see it.

Well, like I said, Tyler Oakley has an endless stream of marketing techniques that he uses, so I guarantee he'll be spotlighted in a future blog post of mine.

If you liked this post, I'd love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know how you're going to apply cross promotion to build your following.

And if you've got another great example of cross promotion, tweet it to me at @micaylabrewster.

And if you want to see a photo from when I saw Tyler and Korey at their London tour stop, click here. (And yes, of course I stuffed a onsie in my bag JUST for these two hours. Worth it.)

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